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#1: The English Language Author: JuntaJoeLocation: Texas PostPosted: Fri Dec 10, 2004 10:49 pm
This site is owned by an American.

This means that the board is targeted at English speakers.

This site is also a forum.

It is not a chat room or instant message service.

So what do all those pronouncements mean?

Let's use three of the operative words used above to help explain.

Forum, English, Owned.

Forums are places where people communicate thoughts with each other and respond in a thoughtful fashion. This means it is incumbent on the poster to communicate as clearly as they can. While "web speak" is not forbidden, it is expected that posters use conventional usage. To make a post more difficult to read merely for your typing convenience has no place here. I expect everyone to strive for legibility.

English is the language most common to our membership. Therefore, we are basically Anglo-centric in our thoughts, words, and opinions. It is our viewpoint and usage. This site will always encourage non-Anglo heritage members to mix with us. It helps us become broader people. But it is expected that we may not relate to or understand non-Anglo viewpoints. Be patient with us and explain. Don't always expect us to "convert" to your viewpoint. Expect us to accept that your viewpoint, while different, retains its own cultural validity. Sometimes it is better to politely agree to disagree culturally. But getting your viewpoint across will be aided by striving for using the best English you can in your messages. We don't restrict the forum to a "English Only" standard, but we do expect messages to be in a primarily English format. Use of foriegn words is acceptable as most languages share conventions. Moreover, the English language, of all the world's languages, is a mixture of many languages. And it continues to evolve and absorb words from other languages. But do not attempt to bypass the open nature of this board by communicating solely in another language. Just do the best job you can and the membership will be patient with you.

Owned. Simple enough to understand. It means that the admins here are the owners as well. Their word is final. It also means that adjudication of conflict is settled here based on the merits we see. We are not trapped by a set of arbitrary rules that result in nonsensical conditions. The admins will use common sense to apply the English standards here. Membership will not have an ability to retaliate using some arbitrary rules set by a third party when it comes to how we permit language usage here. We will define and arbitrate what is proper word usage here. We will not permit cultural wars here.

We will be an Anglo-centric site that strives for understanding of the entirety of humanity. -> Drawbridge

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