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#1: Extra! Extra! Read all about it... Author: CooJoeLocation: It tastes like burning. PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2005 7:05 pm
Broadsheets were the medieval equivalent of a newspaper. They were usually posted on the church door, and they told of the happenings of the land.
In the same way this is Castle Doom's broadsheet. This thread has the new happening of the Castle, along with some old standbys. Watch for this to be updated several times a month.

Hot off the Press.
Update: July 6, 2006

Hot Threads

Wile E. Coyote.
Discuss everyone's favorite Genius, and why he couldn't simply buy lunch.

Sweet Rides.
That's one sweet car

Forum Boards

The Great Hall.
This is where it is. The general chat board, a place where you can talk about almost anything.

Castle Doom Hangman
CD Hangman is an exciting game of hangman. See if you can guess the puzzle.
Please read the beginning post, so there is no confusion over the rules.

Word Association
The same test that mental health professionals have been using for years, now in the comfort of your own home.

The resurrection of a thread from café Tropico. Contemplate the meaning of life, death, and most importantly Tuna fish.

Run for your lives!!!
Funny often turns up in the news, post your strange and humorous news stories here.

The Chopping Block.
Test your wits, and beliefs against our heavyweights in debate. Remember to check your sources, have logical arguments, and no flaming.

The Litter box.
Whine, and complain about the nuances of life. We'll give you a sympathetic ear.

Top 25 innovations or tech dead end?
Why doesn't it seem like there any amazing innovations in the fields of science, and technology. Debate.

The Lab
Learn about the latest in electronics, or if gadgets aren’t your thing wander to the Handyman thread for home repair advice.

Robbo's Roundup
Robbo, everybody's favorite Aussiepithican share's the latest tech news, and gadgets.

Tech Help
Fried your PC... Again? Well come here, and our own computer geeks will try to help you.

The Handyman
Advice from a man who keeps his Texas homestead together with nothing but ducttape, and a hammer.

The Butcher
This is home to the interactive site RPG/Turn Based Strategy game.

The Baker
Discuss Tropico, one of the greatest computer games ever.

The Candlestick Maker
Read any good books lately? Have any poetry, or stories. Discuss it in this board.

The Jester
Talk about favorite Movies, TV Shows, and the like.

The Armorer
Talk about Military History, Tactics, Weapons, and such.

Little Shoppe of Horrors
Talk about computer, and video games.[/b]

castledoom.com -> Castelain's Office

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