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#1: Registration and Hotmail Author: JuntaJoeLocation: Texas PostPosted: Thu Sep 08, 2005 2:09 pm
Only registered members can see member data and certain boards can only be viewed by members.

This site also has a requirement for activity. If you join and do not post then you will be deleted from the member rolls shortly. Your member name will then become unavailable to you later if you re-join.

The phpBB software particularly hates hotmail accounts. I also view them as someone trying to hide from us. But I can track your activities even if you do not post. This board logs visitor IP addresses and holds it for up to 90 days, regardless if you post or not. I can ping those IP addy's and even figure out where you are from geographically. I tend to delete hotmail based accounts on the day I see them unless I see posting activity. So either list your paid-for email addy or go buy a real ISP service. If I can pay for this place then you can pay for an ISP.

This site has rules and instructions in every board at the top. You are responsible for conforming to all of them. This extends to everything in this board as well. If you didn't read them, for whatever reason, that will not afford you the immunity of ignorance. It's not my problem if you didn't read it or understood it. You are still responsible for the content. -> Drawbridge

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