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#1: Moderators Author: JuntaJoeLocation: Texas PostPosted: Sat Dec 04, 2004 12:53 am
Ok, I mentioned that my staff would include Eddy and estio.

Those two may notice that hasn't happened yet.

Not to worry as all Brf and I are doing is setting up. We just put Nibby in early to deal with her specific board. Expect us to install you two soon.

As for others who may be interested. Let's face it, a ratio of 1 mod per 3 people is pretty huge aready. But the early joiners really constitute our core membership. As this place grows then so will your influence. I expect just about all of the current member list to be eligible for the Guild Hall. As this place grows, I will only request mods from the Guild ranks. Most of you have been mods before elsewhere and have the skills. I won't go into the whole story again, but I chose my current crew for their talents outside of just modding. As Guild members, the staff will be instructed to always take your input seriously. When the place is larger, the staff will defer more to Guild opinion than herd opinion. Look for a fast tightening of Guild requirements. You guys have paid your dues elsewhere. Newcomers will have to pay them here in full.

I'll get the Guild up sometime this month after we tackle a few more pressing projects. -> Castelain's Office

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