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#1: It's not a feature, it's a bug! Author: NibbyCatLocation: Eastern Ohio PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2005 8:46 am
This has bugged the hooha out of me from day one. Actually, *these* have bugged...

First off, is there some way that we each have to manually "mark as read" threads and forums? I know that we can, but I mean HAVE TO, must, it's required... I don't always get to read all the new posts in a sitting, or maybe the power goes... Anyhow, when I come back to the forums, I don't always know for sure which threads/posts I've read. This is the only forum style I know of that marks all posts as read when you leave it, whether or not you actually read them.

The second annoyance is on a semi-related tangent. When you're going to a thread, is there a way to go to the post that immediately follows the last one you read in your previous visit to that thread? Sometimes a couple of pages can be added in my absence, and I then have to hunt for where I left off. I've tried clicking on the little box next to the name of the last poster, but that only takes me to the last post.

I know I'm a mod and this could go in the mod forum, but maybe some normal folks have the same problems, or know of how to fix them.

#2:  Author: BrfLocation: Belvidere, Illinois PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2005 9:53 am
I dont think there is really too much accounting as far as read-threads.... I think for the most part, it just keeps track of your last logon. -> Castelain's Office

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