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#41:  Author: Dochartaigh PostPosted: Fri Jun 09, 2006 3:22 pm
Darkness wrote:
I was just looking in the Hall of Heroes to see what all the ribbons actually mean, and which ones are (or have been) in use, but it seems that the thread about them hasn't been updated for a while.

i did read the ribbons section in hall of heroes. and when i posted my question it wasnt updated and i was confused. i do read alot actually and just cuz i have a question about something doesnt mean i dont read, it means that i am confused. and if that is how u are goin to treat someone who asks a question then maybe i will just refrain from now on or ask someone in pm. i found the section that someone (forgot whom) put up that has a description of some of the ribbons today.

castledoom.com -> Castelain's Office

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