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Member Sign Up!

Postby Evariste Galois » Mon May 21, 2007 7:27 pm

Before you sign up to be a member, please read at least sections I and II of the DOOM charter in order to see what membership entails, and the process of membership.

To sign up to be a member, please start a new thread on this board and give the following information:
Nation Name:
Ruler Name:
Link to your nation:
Your team color:
Prior Alliances:
Reason for leaving last alliance:
Did you read the Charter?:
Do you agree to our Cardinal Rules in the Charter?
How did you hear about DOOM?:
Why did you decide to join our alliance?:

July 2009 edit: As an attempt to prevent spammers from disrupting the member sign up section, all posts here by unmasked members will need to be approved by a moderator/administrator before it can be displayed to the public.
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