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Posted: Sat Mar 26, 2005 9:01 pm    Post subject: Forum service interruptions  

Brf and I are very impressed with the value that our domain hosting provides.

Excellent features at a great price.

But all is not perfect.

The site has an overall excellent uptime percentage, but it goes down with a regularity that is irritating. It seems that weekend mornings seem to have downtimes with habitual frequency.

My guess is that our hosting plan is geared to business and weekend mornings would be a sensible time for that type of operation to deal with server maintenance.

As a forum, weekends are a different story.

But I'm paid up through next fall and these downtimes are less scary than irritating.

This note then is a warning reminder that we will have server based downtimes. If something catastrophic would happen to the site due to server error then a regrouping at estio's site would be the game plan while Brf and I slapped things back together. I also have the old addy list from LS and could drop a note directly to most of you.

When you see an interruption of service then note the time and day. If it's a weekend morning then be patient and try a little later. Service should return quickly.
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